There are two types of readjustments that any roofer will have with your insurance company. One of the readjustments is whenever the roofer meets with the insurance adjuster and there’s a disagreement between the two on the scope of work to be done. At that point typically what the roofer will do is meet with the homeowner and get them to call the insurance back and have another adjuster come back out to get a second pair of eyes on there so that they can get the roof taken care of or the scope of work agreed upon. Now the second kind of readjustment that you have is going to be whenever the adjuster wants to come back out because the roofer has supplemented the insurance company for work that was not in the scope of the summary. In other words it was not on the insurance paperwork. The adjuster may have left some things out or he may have just not seen a few things and so now he wants to come back out and double-check to see what he’s missed and make sure that everything that the roofer is saying needs to be taken care of is on the up and up.