I’m Rex the Roofer, owner and CEO of Masterpiece Roofing & Painting, a Denver roofing company. We also do house painting, vinyl siding replacement and seamless gutter installation in Denver Colorado. One of the things I’m going to talk about today is roof re-decking or re-sheathing your house. So in this particular house that you will see in the video you will see that they had multiple layers. A couple layers of asphalt and on the very bottom of it is the original roof with an old roof shake shingle. Back in the day the way they did this is that they put down what’s called skipped sheathing or skipped decking. You will see the gaps between them. You cannot go over that with asphalt roof shingles because it’s not a nailable surface. So one of the things we got to do is come down and we don’t take that board up we leave it down and then we come in and then we put the OSB which stands for Oriented Strand Board which is just simply the particle board. We come in and we use 7×16 oriented strand board and put that on top. That way we will have a nailable surface. One of the other things that need to be considered too is a lot of times you will see that the roof decks have big gaps in it. A lot of times it will only have a quarter inch or half inch gaps in it because they’re close together, the old plain decking. That has to also be re-decked because the IRC or the International Residential Code along with other city codes don’t recognize that as a nailable surface. Denver is a prime example of that. So even on top of that, you’ve got to re-deck that or re-sheath it in order to have a nailable surface. After we put the decking down and everything, we go over the top of that with a 30-pound synthetic super felt, unbelievable. Then finally we dry that in so it’s nice and water tight before we put the asphalt roof shingles. So guys that’s how it’s done with roof re-sheathing or re-decking. Whenever you have a Denver roofer come over your house and talk about roof re-sheathing and re-decking, they may need to get up in your attic to see if this is the type of roof decking that you got. They may need to get to your garage because the ceiling is not finished and they can look up there and take pictures and see the type of roof decking you have. So this is what happens with roof re-decking or re-sheathing. You guys have a great day and if you need to know more about roofing, just check out this Denver roofing blog by Rex the Roofer for more roofing tips. And if you need to replace your roof, looking for assistance with your home insurance claims or are looking for a roofer in Denver, Colorado, just pick up your phone and call Masterpiece Roofing & Painting and we’ll be happy to do a free roof inspection and estimate for you.