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commercial roof installationThere’s one part of a residence that many people forget to keep in mind when thinking about the overall condition of their home, and that’s the roof. It’s an understandable omission. Your roof is high up, and, without proper equipment and a willingness to go up there and take a good look, it’s hard to get a good idea of just what condition it’s in unless something really obvious is apparent, like torn or missing shingles.

The other issue is that because a roof has no moving parts, a lot of people assume that it’s going to be “low maintenance.” We’re here to explain why the people of Parker, Colorado need to look up once in awhile and give their roof some thought.

The Danger Of Time

When it comes to people, time may heal all wounds, but when it comes to your roof, the reverse is true. The process of seasons, and the kind of winter that Parker residents get means that snow, and ice get on, in and around a roof. Over the years, that constant weathering can take a toll on a roof that isn’t regularly inspected and maintained, to ensure that small problems are quickly addressed.

Once a roof’s minor issues go neglected, they eventually grow bigger, and, at some point, cause real damage that accelerates. At that stage, you’ll need some serious roofing repair, or replacement to fix what could have been a minor issue, if it had been caught and dealt with sooner.

The Storm Issues

Then there’s the kind of dramatic repair requirements many people are familiar with, and that’s the aftermath of a storm. When severe storm conditions hit, there is strong winds, hail, and even possible water damage if rain manages to penetrate a roof.

This kind of immediate damage needs an immediate response. Missing singles, detached gutters and other components of the roof need to be corrected as quickly as possible to prevent further damage to the home and residents inside.

We Can Make It Right

Masterpiece Roofing & Painting is here to make sure that your roof gets repaired right. Since 2009, we’ve grown from one technician and five employees to experienced teams working in Parker, Aurora, Lakewood and other areas.


We are experts at roofing repair and installation, and can even help you with your insurance questions and concerns when it comes to roof issues. We use only modern tools, with quality brand names, such as Tamko steel shingles. When you come to Masterpiece Roofing & Painting, you get a final product that lives up to our name.

Here For Your Home’s Exterior

We can help with your roofing concerns and more. We also work on gutters, siding, doors, windows, and we can even paint both the exterior and interior of your home to a perfect, professional finish.


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