What I’m gonna talk about today is ladder safety. Let me tell you gang you cannot be too safe on a ladder. It’s one of the things that I hold that’s kind of a badge of honor is the fact that I’ve never had to deal with any of my guys or my myself falling of off the roof. It’s not to say I haven’t hung in the gutters a couple of times because I have, sliding down the roof on an old roof that’s got loose granules on it. We’re gonna talk about how to handle the ladder today. We’ve got a Telescopic ladder which is typically what I recommend my guys to carry. They’re just easy to set up. They’re light and easy to carry around. But whenever people are getting on and off that roof, that’s when things can go wrong bigtime. I’ve seen guys fall of ladders only five foot and really hurt themselves badly. And for those do-it-yourselfers guys out there you’ll think “Oh yeah I can scamper up and down those ladders”, that’s fine and dandy just make sure that you have everything set up right. So let’s look at first off how to set up the ladder up. One of the things that you want to do when you set your ladder up is you want to make sure that you set the ladder up so that it is at least three steps above the gutter. In the video you will see that I’ve got four steps on there. I’ve done that for a couple of reasons. One is that it gives me something to grab a old of when I run coming down off of the roof. And two is when I’m getting on the roof, it also makes it nice that I’ve got something to stabilize me so that I don’t loose my balance and fall backwards. Like if a guy’s got his ladder set up but it’s only like more than a foot above the gutters. And I’m like what would you do that? Now you’re gonna risk life and limb and if it’s a really hot day outside man I’m telling you. There can be a lot of times you’re dizzy and stuff like that or a little light headed, you don’t want to risk falling forward. I know a gentleman that fell forward, landed head first on the driveway of this couple’s house and he wound up being a paraplegic. So the other thing that you got to do whenever you get the ladder set up is you need to get up on the ladder and make sure that you tie the ladder off with a bungee cord. You want to make sure that the bungee cord is wrapped around the sides of the ladder that connect to the gutter and also wrapped into the gutter so it’s grabbing a hold of that. And then it’s wrapped around all the little tie-offs that are up on the gutter and then you got that stable. If it’s a windy day for example and your ladder gets blown away then you’re stuck on the roof. I’ve seen that happen a bunch of times. So you just want to make sure that that ladder is not moving around when your’e on it. Because again the last you want to do is to get up there and all of a sudden if you don’t have the right pitch on your ladder it will fall back with and then you get hurt. Or land on somebody’s car. And then the other thing that you want to do is to help each other. When you come up the ladder make sure you don’t have stuff on any of your hands like a clipboard a phone or whatever. You need to have your hands free. Put your pen in your pocket. Have your hands free so that when you’re going up and down that ladder you can grab a hold of the ladder with two hands because this is serious business. You can hurt yourself just like that and that’s going to be an expensive mistake. Now if you’re up on the ladder, you’re going to have to make sure that you hold the ladder for the person that’s coming up the ladder. You have to keep the ladder stable so that way it doesn’t sway side to side, you don’t have any risk of accident. Now when coming down the ladder, the other person’s got to hold the ladder while at the same time placing his feet underneath the foot of the ladder. That keeps any kind of slippage on that ladder from slipping out and creating any kind of issue as well. With that you are making sure that safety is the number one issue. You never can’t be too safe. I’m telling you what. First time you see yourself fall of a ladder like that and really hurt yourself, you’re going to wish you took these safety precautions that I’m teaching here today.