Let’s talk about the Built Up Roof at a Gravel top. Back in the day what they do is they take your decking which is your plywood or your particle board and then they come in and they put the felt down or your asphalt. And then they put hot tar over that, more asphalt more tar. And that’s why they call it a “Build Up” – a built up roofing or B-U-R. So basically they come in with that and then after everything is said and done then they put the gravel over the top of the tar and that’s the last thing. The one good thing that you have going for a ballast roof is it’s very difficult for hail to damage that roof. Very difficult. You don’t have any wind blow off. It was actually in the day, a great roofing system. The problem that you have with it though is, a lot of them didn’t drain properly. So the roof wasn’t built up at an angle or slope to allow that roof to drain properly into the scuppers. So the way you want to design the roof is to slope towards the back side, So what we do is we’ll come in and have the thick poly-iso. Poly-iso is basically just expanded poly styrofoam. The difference is it’s closed cell instead of open cell like your coffee cups and things that most people are familiar with styrofoam like ice chest and what have you. So in this particular roof, we’re putting down EPDM. That’s the rubber roof made up of the same thing that an inner tube is out of your tire. Same exact material. So the first thing that we’re gonna do is shovel off. We put a dumpster off on the side. We’re gonna shovel off all of that gravel off into the dumpster. Take all of that built up, everything all the way down to the decking and then we’re gonna put new poly-iso over the top of that and then put the EPDM and rubber over the top of that. The very best roofing system is an EPDM. EPDM- that rubber roofing. It may be black. A lot of times I hear people, “o yeah it’s gonna be hot in my unit”. No it’s not. The heat on that rubber is not gonna penetrate into the interior of the building because of the poly-iso that it sits on top of. So whether it’s white or black, doesn’t make any difference. That’s a fallacy. That’s a myth. So the thing you gotta understand is the building is going to be completely controlled and nice and cool in the summer and nice and warm in the winter time because you’ve got good insulation, good poly-iso.

Whenever we get all of the ballast roof off, all of the tar, all of the asphalt, all the gravel off, then you’re gonna be right down to your decking. So you got your decking here, a nice solid surface. And then what we’re gonna do is come and we’re gonna anchor down all of your poly-iso with a nice screw system. After that’s put on, we’re gonna put on the EPDM or the rubber roof and completely cover the whole top of this. And this building will never have to be re-roofed again for at least 40 years. That’s one of the good things you will like about EPDM is that it’s got a 40-year warranty. Everything else in the industry has got a 20-year warranty. That’s why when you have to replace your flat top, you need to pick up the phone and call Masterpiece Roofing & Painting. And let us turn your flat top into a masterpiece.