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Is Your Insurance Company On Your Side?

Is Your Insurance Company On Your Side?

When your roof gets damaged by hail or high wind events like the one that just happened recently, you might assume that the first call you make would be to your insurance company.

The Insurance Adjustment

When your roof gets damaged by hail or high wind events like the one that just happened recently, you might assume that the first call you make would be to your insurance company. But that would be your first mistake. Just like a legal case, you want someone who’s on your side. And the insurance companies are not on your side. This is the most common mistake that homeowners make when faced with roof damage and then having to deal with their insurance claim. Especially for homeowners who have been with their insurance companies for a long time. These homeowners think that their insurance company is their buddy. But they’re not. Insurance companies are going to send an adjuster whose primary goal is to confirm that there is damage and if there is, he’s going to write an estimate that is most likely going to be friendly to their companies’ pockets. In most cases, insurance companies will pay for the bare minimum to replace the roof. Since a lot of homeowners don’t know anything about roofing, they’ll just be so thankful and happy that they’re just paying their 500 or 1000 deductible and their insurance company is paying for the rest of the cost of the brand new roof. What most homeowners don’t know is that their insurance should cover for each and every item that’s on top of the roof.

The Supplemental Process

For the reasons stated above, a homeowner should first call a professional roofer because the roofer’s job is to make sure that everything gets paid for not only for their own profit but also for the benefit of the homeowner. So why is the roofer on the owner’s side? This is because, contrary to popular belief, roofers can only make money off of what the insurance pays for. Roofers do what is called a supplement, which is a charge or charges that are added to a claim for items that may be omitted, overlooked, under paid or discovered after work begins. Some items that are usually overlooked are pipe jack boots, ridge vent, drip edges and valley metal to name a few. The roofer takes pictures of the mailbox and the front of the house to establish that they’re presenting pictures from the right property and then the items that are overlooked or purposefully omitted. They present all of these to the insurance company as supplements which will be approved after the insurance company does a readjustment.

The next time your roof gets damaged, make sure to call a professional roofer who will take care of you.
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