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This is why you pay good money for a great roofer

This is why you pay good money for a great roofer

This Youtube video created by Roofrepairspecial is one very clear example why you should think twice of doing your own roof or hire inexperienced roofers especially in Colorado where the incidence of high winds is common.

This Youtube video created by Roofrepairspecial is one very clear example why you should think twice of doing your own roof or hire inexperienced roofers especially in Colorado where the incidence of high winds is common. The guys on the video are about to tear off a whole roof because of the amount of wind damage it got. Just by looking at the shingle layout, you can easily see the bad workmanship the roofers did. But upon lifting the shingle layers, you will be shocked to see the real reason why it sustained such tremendous amounts of damage. The roofers who did the roof did the worst job of nailing the shingles as per manufacturer’s specifications resulting to this horrible roofing job. Homeowners who shop around looking to save a lot on roof replacement are the most common victims of roofing disasters like these. Watch the video to see how the video creator put it as the “worst roofing job in history.”

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Video credit to Roofrepairspecial.