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Roof Damage in Denver: Stuff You Need to Do After Strong Winds

Roof Damage in Denver: Stuff You Need to Do After Strong Winds

Natural disasters can’t be avoided. Your house can get struck by the strong wind despite being prepared. Like what happened in Denver a month ago. The strong wind uprooted the trees, sprayed off shingles, and broke the windows. Over 50,000 consumers lost electricity and there were also numerous delays at Denver International Airport in which a number of 25 flights were diverted. Even the historic Elitch Gardens Theatre was greatly damaged by the strong wind.

Natural disasters can’t be avoided. Your house can get struck by the strong wind despite being prepared. Like what happened in Denver a month ago. The strong wind uprooted the trees, sprayed off shingles, and broke the windows. Over 50,000 consumers lost electricity and there were also numerous delays at Denver International Airport in which a number of 25 flights were diverted. Even the historic Elitch Gardens Theatre was greatly damaged by the strong wind.

Have you experienced having a roof damaged by the strong winds? Or are you one of the people who suffered roof damage in Denver? If yes to either the two questions, you must be or must not yet aware of the things you need to do to detect the roofing destruction happened in your house. Listed below are the things you need to know.

Look for damaged and missing shingles

Before you can actually roam outside, figuring out whether your shingles are damaged, you should know the factors to know whether your roofing was destructed by the strong winds or not. It is essential that you must know the wreckage first before you go inspecting your roof.

Identify the roofing materials used on your roof. Once you have finally had an idea about it, search for the wide range of shingles. For example, if you have a wood shakes, your roofing must be splitting or curling. While for composition shingles, granules can be found in the gutter and shingles are missing.

Inspect other elements of your roof

Apart from the roofing materials, you also need to watch out for the other parts of your roofing. Due to the reason that these components take a crucial part of how you would make your roofing more sturdy. Don’t forget to pay attention to your skylights, if you have any, ridge caps and vents, eavestroughs, soffits, chimneys, and fasci.

Most of the time, some of the homeowners neglect the importance of the other elements in the roof. This is wrong since your roof is not only composed of roofing materials. You should know that the other elements of the roof are materials that keep your roofing materials sturdy.

Call for the help of professional roofer

If your roofing in Denver was damaged by the strong winds, you need to ensure to seek for the help of the expert in roofing. However, this is one of the huge obstacles of the homeowners when it comes to having their roof repaired. Scammers are everywhere but you can avoid all of them if you will take note of these things.

Hire local roofers

You don’t need to worry if you are living in Denver because there are a lot of local roofers. When hiring a local roofer, it only means that they are familiar of the rules and regulation in your locale. Also, if there are other questions you need to ask, it’s easier for them to be contacted.

Offers different shingle options

Never hire a roofer that only offers limited roofing materials. Styles and colors can affect your roofing in terms of your home’s resale value. If you will not focus on the options, you might end up having a less quality shingles, shakes or roofing materials.

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