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Back-to-back Hailstorm Battered Properties in Colorado

Back-to-back Hailstorm Battered Properties in Colorado

Massive hailstorm thrashed establishments and properties two days straight in Colorado.

Massive hailstorm thrashed establishments and properties two days straight in Colorado.

National Weather Services reported, through the information from the netizen, that they have gotten reports of up to 2.5″ diameter hail in Frederick. On June 18, size of the hail was close to the size of tennis which was considered as the largest hail by Twitter user:

Just a day after the hailstorm incident in Denver suburbs, namely Broomfield, Lafayette, and Thornton on Tuesday afternoon, June 19. According to the reports received by National Weather Service, “the size of the hail was big as teacups from a Denver suburb as the storms moved through the region, with numerous other reports of baseball-sized hail.”

The hailstorm incident in Colorado was said to be the worst hailstorm that happened in 20 years. As reported by insurance companies, they have received a total of 12,000 damage claims both for their houses and vehicles. Aside from the properties, it also killed fishes in Fountain Valley.

According to the El Paso County Parks Operations Division Manager, Brian Bobeck, in an interview with KRDO, “the unique and damaging storm we had last week produced large hail and cold rain in a short period of time.”

Homeowners described the hail last Monday similar to the size of the tennis ball. On the other hand, the hail incident that happened on the following day, it measures like the size of the teacup. In Louisville, the hails even looked like iced eggs.

June is most likely a hail season for places in Colorado. It was only a week since the recent hailstorm incident happened. This week, there were already a total of two hailstorms incident in Colorado that the people experienced. The one that occurred last June 13 was the worst overnight hailstorm according to the officials.

Here are the properties that were smashed by the hailstorm incident in Colorado.

Look at what happened in Coal Creek Golf Course which was the reason why it was temporarily closed.

Extreme hailstorm leads for this house to end up having a failed roofing and insulation, as reported by KOA News.

Colorado is known to be a hail-prone place in the country. Which means that if you are living in the nearby areas, you must ensure that your house could withstand any sizes and density of hailstorm. Homeowners were suggested to fix their roofing as soon as possible but were advised to be careful when they are choosing the contractor to avoid roofer scams.

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